Thursday, May 14, 2009

Treblinka - Crawling In Vomits (1988)

Treblinka was a Swedish Black Metal band that formed in 1987. The members took the names of Lucifer Hellslaughter (vocals and guitar), Emetic (guitar), Juck the Ripper (bass) and Auschwitzer (drums). These four entered Sunlight Studio, in November 1988, to record their first demo, Crawling In Vomits. What Treblinka created was something interesting and unique; worthy of setting them apart from various other underground bands.

The demo begins with "Crawling In Vomits". One might expect an atrocious sound from a demo recorded in 1988, but the sound is remarkably clear. There exists a noticeable low end that adds a bit of depth to the songs, rather than consisting of pure treble. The opening riff is slow and somber, imbuing the listener with a sense of doom. In no time, the pace picks up and the sound is dominated by the tremolo riffs and evil vocals. Hellslaughter had a darker approach than many of his Swedish peers. Around the midway point, the tempo slows down a bit, going into some old school riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a NWOBHM release from a decade prior. By the end of the song, it returns to the same melody that was present at the start. All in all, this is a very memorable and well-executed track.

Next up is "Earwings In Your Veins". I don't know what an 'earwing' is, but an earwig is a type of insect. Perhaps this is what Emetic was referring to when he wrote the lyrics. At any rate, this one commences with another NWOBHM-styled riff. Even early on, Treblinka displayed a sense of melody that many other bands lacked. After a minute or so, the speed increases to a more typical Black Metal pace. The hellish vocals, the tremolo riffs and the primitive drums all come together in a very suitable manner. More old melodies bleed in, making the song quite memorable.

"Hail To Cruelty" lurks in the shadowy depths, carried forward by mid-paced riffs that convey a feeling of doom. After this dismal introduction, the song speeds up. Hellslaughter utilizes a little more variation with the vocals, emitting several higher-pitched screams, here and there. Halfway through, things change as a mid-paced thrash riff flows underneath a couple chaotic lead solos.

The demo approaches the end with "Cadaverous Odour". This one opens with a fairly catchy thrash riff. After a brief intro, a wicked tremolo melody is joined by the hellish vocals to create an atmosphere of murky funeral mist, hovering over old and forgotten graves. Near the middle of the song, a mid-paced thrash riff serves as an interlude before the tremolo riff returns from the blackened sky. Another thrash riff carries the song to its conclusion. This is then followed by the sounds of someone vomiting. It is actually pretty sickening to hear.

Crawling In Vomits is essential for any fan of Treblinka / early Tiamat and is one of the better demos to come out of Sweden, around this time. This is highly recommended.