Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mgła - Mdłości (2006)

Mgła is a Polish Black Metal band that plays a rather primitive style of music that is rooted in the early 90's scene. Formed in 2000, they took their time before releasing any material, as they seemed more concerned with honing their craft and making a good impression. In this case, it was a very good thing that nothing was rushed. The 2006 Mdłości E.P. was limited to 500 copies and displayed a group with firm control over their songwriting and overall execution.

This band came recommended from a friend that I often talked music with. After going on about how I felt that there were no current bands worth paying attention to, this very recent E.P. was tossed my way in order to prove otherwise. One night, while the candles illuminated my freezing cold home, Mgła found its way into the rotation, along with Katharsis, Clandestine Blaze and Sargeist. The material was much more impressive than I had expected, though I did not really follow up on it.

The first song, simply titled "Mdłości I", begins with an ominous riff that soon bursts into a storm of raw hatred. The drumming is rather straightforward, though there are some tempo changes to keep things interesting. The guitar riffs show an adherence to Darkthrone's philosophy, in some ways, while also possessing some of the serpent-like melodies that can be found in the early Watain material. The vocalist puts on a good performance, sticking within the bounds of the Second Wave and betraying a Nocturno Culto influence. The riffs have some epic quality to them, giving the feeling that you are being taken on a journey through cold and desolate lands. The song is very memorable as the guitar melodies stick with you for hours or even days.

"Mdłości II" is a bit shorter, but no less effective. The tremolo melody is unbearably dismal and hypnotic in a way. The simplistic percussive approach works well to accentuate the guitar riff and to allow it to absolutely drain all life from the listener. The drumming pattern offers some amount of variation, but it never distracts from the bleak and mournful riffs. The vocals possess a sense of desperation that compliments the overall atmosphere very well. During the faster-paced sections, the miserable vibe of the song is most strongly felt, as the anguished melodies tear through you.

This E.P. is well worth the time and effort to seek out. Mgła displayed a great amount of potential, with this release, and I have to wonder why I let this band slip through the cracks. Perhaps, due to the year of its release. Either way, seek this out and don't make the same mistake.