Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pest - Belial's Possessed Wolves (1999)

Belial's Possessed Wolves is the second 7" E.P. from Pest, released on Northern Heritage Records in 1999 and limited to 200 copies. The material does not follow the style established on their previous releases, entirely, and this inconsistency may be one reason why the project was dropped. Nazgul has never been the brightest guy and even the best record he managed to put out (Satanic Warmaster's Opferblut) was rather uneventful as well. Here, listeners are treated to a couple of songs that sound as if they are from different bands, almost.

The first one is "Sabbath of Lust", which is a mid-paced track that creates an occult feeling, at first, though the dominant vibe is more in line with Death Metal than Black Metal. The vocals are deeper and some of the riffs follow typical Death Metal patterns, along with the boring drumming. Otherwise, this is mildly reminiscent of old Beherit, but not to any extreme degree. There is a decent lead solo, later in the track, but the stupid female vocals and ridiculous attempts at sounding evil just expose this as a poor effort, indeed.

"Possessed Wolves' Howling" is far better, starts out with an intro that seems to be trying to create a dark feeling, but fails to do so. The Bathory influence is still present here, but not as prevalent. This is a fairly decent Black / Thrash song, with decent riffs and an amusing chorus as the pronunciation reminds one of Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings, saying it as "wolveses". This would have been a better track without the deeper vocals added in, which always seems rather lame and ineffective. The final riff and lead solo are pure 80s worship, leaning toward more of a traditional Metal sound than the rest.

Neither of the songs are bad, but only one is worth repeated listens and even that is questionable if there are any other choices. Belial's Possessed Wolves is an average release, but not as good as the ones that Pest offered up before. This is definitely not worth tracking down, as the songs are available on the Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial compilation.