Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hypothermia - Suicide Fixation (2004)

It is no secret that I am not terribly fond of most modern music, so there are times when friends or acquaintances must repeatedly push something for me to give it a chance. Such was the case with the Swedish band Hypothermia. After avoiding it for some time, I finally checked out the 2004 demo, Suicide Fixation, which is entirely bland and worthless. 

Hypothermia suffers from the same fallacies that plague most bands in this so-called "Depressive Black Metal" movement. The songwriting is mundane and talentless, droning on with no atmosphere whatsoever, consisting of slow-paced drums and some of the most boring and useless tremolo riffs ever created. While the pacing of earlier bands is copied, the subtle intricacies that actually created some sort of feeling are totally lost on such charlatans.

Even worse than the below-average guitar melodies are the hilarious and laughable vocals, which are far too high in the mix. The vocal performance is easily the worst part of this atrocious demo. Mr. Carlsson must not have yet hit puberty when he recorded this in his bedroom, as the screams are just pathetic and sound like a little girl that has fallen from her bike and scraped her knees. The majority of the time when people attempt to imitate the style of vocals used on the early Burzum albums, they fail horribly and Hypothermia is no exception. 

Hypothermia is yet another in a long line of useless projects that fail to provide anything of merit. There is nothing depressing about Suicide Fixation, other than the fact that some people are clueless enough to think that it is worth listening to while more deserving bands languish in obscurity.